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类型:欧美综艺 美国 2017 


导演:Steven DeRoch Jeff Kay 


《荒野独居第三季》是一部优秀的欧美综艺 类型影视作品,《荒野独居第三季》剧情简介:  As &quot;Alone&quot; enters its fourth season, the competition series shakes things up with a new twist: the contestants are dropped off in a remote location as pairs. Seven pairs of family members travel to a rugged region of British Columbia, where they are separated and dropped off miles apart from each other. Each player must navigate the wilderness to locate his or her partner. Once reunited, the loved ones have to create their own shelters and forage for their food while overcoming rough weather conditions and deadly predators. They have nothing more than the contents of their small backpacks and 10 tools split between them to help with their survival. They also have enough camera gear to record their experiences because -- as in the past -- there is no camera crew. The last duo standing at the end of the season is declared the winner and takes home the $500,000 grand prize.


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